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Appreciating Massage Therapy

After I hurt my back a few years ago, my entire life changed. In addition to making it hard to work, my back problems also made it difficult to take care of my home and my children. However, a friend mentioned massage therapy, and I decided to give it a try. Within a few sessions, I could move and breathe better, which opened up a world of possibilities for me. This blog is dedicated to helping others see the benefits of massage therapy, so that you can transform your body and your life. You never know, a simple massage could help you to feel better than ever.


Appreciating Massage Therapy

3 Career Tracks That Will Push You To Become A Massage Therapist

by Aischa Van Ekeren

One of the deciding factors when you are choosing a program is what you can do upon graduation. With several interesting career paths for massage therapists, entering into a massage therapist training program should rank high on your list.


Many wellness and fitness centers hire massage therapists because they bring invaluable skills to the facility. Part of your training is understanding the human anatomy, which can help people who are on their fitness journey reach their goals while minimizing injuries. Although stress-reduction is one reason people on a fitness journey have massages, a massage therapist can identify areas of the body that are tight or otherwise indicate unnecessary stress or injury that could be responsible for pain or decreased gym performance. If you enjoy working with specific groups of people, you can choose wellness or fitness centers with a specific clientele in mind. For example, some places focus more on weight loss, whereas others may work with people who have unique physical needs.


Massage is frequently integrated into sports training, and some professional teams have a massage therapist as part of their staff. For some massage therapists, this can mean frequently traveling with the team, which is an added incentive to pursue this field. Athletes may have a massage as a way to loosen tight muscles, especially before a major sporting event, and massages also aid in the recovery process after the event. As a part of the team, you may work closely with team physicians, coaches, and physical therapists to aid players when they are rehabilitating from an injury. Part of your curriculum when you enter a program will be kinesiology, which helps you understand how the body moves. The better grasp you have on body movement, the easier it will be to anticipate issues an athlete might have and prevent injuries.

Private Practice

Another advantage of becoming a massage therapist is that you can create your own business. The possibility for self-employment is an attractive feature for many people. In the beginning of being self-employed, you might travel, which means you set up your equipment at a client's home and perform massages at different locations. As your success increases, you may consider renting a studio, and possibly leasing space to other massage therapists in the area or hiring employees. Being self-employed can be appealing to people who want more career flexibility, especially if they have other responsibilities and want to set their own rates. Just as massage therapists can be found in specialized settings, you may want your business to appeal to specialized clients.

If you are considering going to school for an applied program, massage therapy is worth considering. Due to the interesting career paths after graduation, massage therapy is an appealing choice.